About Us

Our mission

is to help people communicate their ideas and impact their surroundings.

Since 2017, Mila has worked with over 400 businesses, improving their internal and external communication & storytelling processes. With our content tools and practical methodologies, we encourage companies to reach their goals.

Our approach

Whenever you present a new idea, you ask people to take on a tremendous challenge: make a change. However, people are not eager to adopt new ideas or change their behavior. They do so only if the change brings meaning to them.

Every company, product, project, feature, or work plan has a meaning. When you know how to articulate it, you can reach and motivate others who share your path. We are here to equip people and organizations with the ability to discover their value and conceptual story. The story that boosts your brand externally and drives people internally.

We believe that different perspectives produce a richer story. Our approach has constantly moved through multiple domains of content, various tools, and methodologies integrated within our teachings:

Organizational development

Our Values

Our Team

We don’t just train people to communicate. We help them move the needle.


CEO, Storytelling expert

Born in the former Soviet Union, my parents named me Mila, having no idea what the name means in Hebrew – word. It must have been fate, since my passion for words has led me to storytelling.

Words and stories shape the world and drive revolutions. After all, revolutions are the make of people who know how to infuse meaning into their stories and beliefs, turning them into commonly shared ideas that drive change.

My constant quest for the magic that enables people to change their minds, perception, and habits has always led me: As a managers, trainer, as a sales manager in a startup, as a principle in an investment bank, and even as the Israeli champion in Debate. My curiosity and results-driven approach have led me to develop a novel methodology and cutting-edge practical storytelling tools. Using these tools, I empower anyone willing to champion a significant change in the world.

Hen Bachar

Storyteller, internal communications advisor

not just hold a specific point but also broaden our point of view, providing us with an original, intriguing, and inspiring idea. In the past 12 years, I have been involved in developing learning and communication solutions for organizations to promote ideas and agendas, connect employees, improve the organizational culture, and set the ground for growth. I know organizations from the inside out and accompany C-level executives and various forums throughout highly complex challenges. I hold an M.A in education, majoring in learning technologies from BIU, and I guide workshops about communication and storytelling.

Lilach Lipkin – Arad

Office manager

I have joined MILA following my passion for stories, and found much more than that – you know the phrase – “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – well, I genuinely love my work.

I hold a B.A. in business administration, majoring in financing and capital market, and extensive administration experience. When I am not enjoying life at work, I live to spend time with my beloved family and our two dogs, or traveling with them in Israel and abroad to gain new experiences

Yonathan Hatsor

Storyteller & Partner

Dealing with ADD since childhood, I had many difficulties facing structure and systems, leading to incredible frustration. My difficulty in blending led me to seek creative solutions that will help me to level up with the rest – and what truly saved me was my ability to articulate stories.

Throughout the years, my use of stories became more frequent, and I improved my capability to intrigue, understand my audience, and captivate their attention. This helped me overcome (nearly) any disadvantage.

Having experienced a significant change in my life through storytelling, I was eager to learn more, which led me to enroll for a B.A in communications and marketing. Upon graduation, I started working as a marketing manager and later I became VP of marketing, overseeing dozens of campaigns and allocating significant budgets.

The tools I learned while working in marketing served me when I became a business development manager in global tech companies, leading large deals and engaging decision makers from Fortune 500 companies.

Today at MILA, I provide teams, executives, and entrepreneurs with handy tools that help them move from being heard to being persuasive. Making their ideas more than just intriguing – but compelling and convincing.