Inspire with Your Vision and Ideas

C-Level executives, operations managers, and HR teams need to share the company vision with their audiences. Whether it’s onboarding a new employee or presenting an update to the board of directors, it’s imperative that the message is clear, understandable, and easily digestible as well as aligned with the company’s vision and values.

Using our Audience-Centered Communication methodologies you will be able to develop a culture of success as you communicate effectively with employees, customers, and board members while boosting the company’s employer branding.

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Liora Vencuver

VP Marketing

Rockless Passov

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Dr. Assaf NatanzonDell EMC – VP Advanced Technology
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“The one-on-one work on public speaking left a mark on me to this day, it was a pleasure and it proved to be very effective.”
Yuval Tal Managing Partner, Team8 Fintech
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“I worked with Mila on a large number of presentations of different styles and for different audiences. Her ability to combine insights from the world of storytelling and debate and her precision in conveying the message places her in a very small group of people who can prepare you for presentations.”
Avidan LamdanVP of Innovation at Synamedia
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“Our management team did the storytelling course and I was surprised to learn that storytelling can be taught. I learned that having an interesting presentation is not enough. It has to make the audience willing to move and be engaged not only with the idea but also with what is needed from them in order to move forward. In the workshop, I learned a process that guides you through the emotional position of the listeners and helps you identify weak points before you see sleepy eyes in front of you. I would recommend this course to colleagues.”

Creating Engagement and Influencing Others

The nature of work is changing, and the perception that you give off to your employees can be the difference between happy employees who stay and the need to replace key members of your team every year.

Employees tend to raise objections to new business objectives or organizational changes if they fail to see the big picture. Work is delayed, motivation drops, and there is a sense of frustration.

MILA’s communication and storytelling tools will help you to reframe your story, create compelling messages, and create a clear and precise vision. Analyse each stakeholder and build your story in a way that answers your employees’ needs and creates a positive atmosphere.

On-Point Messaging – Communicating for Faster, Better Delivery

Few are naturally immune to the Curse of Knowledge, where you know so much about a process or technology that you believe every piece of information is important. That leads to long presentations without context that bores viewers rather than inspires them. Your audience comes away puzzled, and you don’t get expected results – budgets aren’t approved or team efforts don’t meet expectations. 

MILA’s Action Driven Communication Skills gives you the tools to break through misunderstandings to help you build impactful presentations, deliver results, and achieve your KPIs on time.

Collaboration that Reduces Frictions

Communicating effectively is the key, ensuring that your colleagues understand the interdependencies between the teams and the value everyone achieves when working together efficiently.

MILA’s proven methodologies help managers build relationships, and grow beyond their role, transforming them into leaders with a reputation for getting things done.

Personal Branding and Team Positioning

Every meeting you have with a stakeholder is an opportunity to build your brand and position your team. Dailies, “All Hands”, one-on-ones, board meetings, and even status update meetings can all be used to improve your standing among your coworkers, peers, and managers.

Through the skillset developed with our methodologies, every meeting becomes the grounds to showcase your team’s successes, drive motivation, and boost your personal branding. 

Go beyond
Soft Skills

Through MILA’s unique methodology, you will:

* Create updates that not only tell board members and upper management what you’ve done, but where you are going

* Focus more on strategy and less on nuts-and-bolts technology

* Communicate prioritizations to all stakeholders

* Reach KPIs faster

* Manage processes efficiently, with fewer breakdowns

* Develop a consistent corporate, division, and team story

* Create powerful presentation for internal and external audiences

* Develop powerful body-language techniques



We give you the skills you need to align different teams and create a unified story for your different audiences.

Consulting and Creative Services

Whether you need consulting services or a writing and design team to handle end-to-end deck development, our communication experts can help with: