Communicate a Clear & Inspiring Vision

Great products develop when different teams come together to follow a clear product vision. Communicating and getting cross-company buy-in to that vision is your product team’s responsibility. They must ensure that everyone, from the developers who build the product to the UI and UX teams that make it work, is aligned. Meanwhile, the business units are pushing for new features and faster delivery dates.

Standing at those crossroads, you need to develop Action Driven Communication skills to sell your ideas, keep all stakeholders on the same page, and deliver to market on time.

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“I had the opportunity to bring Mila’s company to conduct workshops both at Gett, when I was Director of Product, and in my current position at Taboola. The StoryCompass method for finding a value proposition provided practical tools for building a message. The product managers analyzed their audiences, understood their Needs map, and even developed empathy for the audience. This gave the product managers tools through which they could communicate their prioritization more clearly, build a stronger story, and engage people in the actions they want to take – and this improves performance, saves time, and reduces friction in the team.”

Generate Buy-In to Your Ideas and Messaging

Repeating business objectives to your development team only to discover at your weekly status update that they either didn’t understand or chose a different approach can be frustrating. Developing new features for your customer success team to upsell and having them ignore them when talking with customers is mentally draining.
It’s always a struggle to convey your ideas, objectives, and specs to other teams; finding out that you’ve been disregarded is beyond frustrating and highly counterproductive.
MILA’s communication and storytelling tools will help you to reframe your story, create compelling messages, and offer a clear and precise vision. Analyze each stakeholder within the product chain and build your narrative in a way that answers their needs.

Collaboration that Reduces Friction

Effective communication skills enable everyone within the process to fully understand their place in the product life-cycle. It replaces misunderstandings and missed deadlines with enhanced prioritization so you hit your KPIs and OKRs.
MILA’s storytelling and consulting services enable you to build a positive atmosphere between the groups. Developers understand feature requirements, while the business units recognize the impact these new features have on the timeline and can prioritize effectively based on the product’s roadmap and company vision.
Go beyond
Soft Skills
MILA ‘s consultants will work with you to develop action driven communication skills that allow you to build your personal brand as a master communicator who gets things done.

Through MILA’s unique methodology, you will:

* Develop a consistent product story for your customers
* Communicate prioritizations to all stakeholders
* Develop effective roadmap presentations
* Facilitate communications between the business units and R&D to create a good working environment
* Reach KPIs and OKRs faster.
* Manage processes efficiently, with fewer breakdowns
* Deliver a clear vision to all stakeholders, so they understand their role and interdependencies
* Enhance your reputation as someone who gets things done.
* Create powerful presentation decks for internal and external audiences.



We give you the skills you need to align different teams and create a unified story for your different audiences

Consulting and Creative Services

Whether you need consulting services to help formulate presentations or a content and design team to create your decks, our communication experts can help with everything from concept creation to body language coaching and delivery simulations.